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Cateye Volt 700
My XTR equipped Marin Mountain Bike, fitted with Cateye Volt 700 Front Bike Light!

My Marin's Bike Light!

The Volt 700 is a very very bright, front LED bike Light from Cateye.

As with all other Cateye products it does appear to be well made, and is only let down by the bracket and clipping system in my opinion. I would have preferred to pay an extra few pence for a bracket that is locked onto the bike with a screw. Also I think the clip will go the way of all other Cateye lights I have ever owned and break off or get weaker with time! The clip on the light does look like it is replaceable though when it does go. The trouble is I am not looking forward to when the clip or bracket fail, as when it does, this will be the most expensive Cateye light I will have watched bouncing along the road! In general Cateye lights bounce well though and in most cases I have continued to use the same light for years afterwards, buying new brackets when necessary! So it has never put me off buying more.

I am not yet used to just how bright this light really is and as such generally use it on the low mode with flashing when out at night. I also keep the light aimed low on the ground as I feel that I am blinding all other road users otherwise!

Anyway take a look at the video below;

Marin XTR fitted with Cateye Volt 700.


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