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Wasp Nest Removal!

Wasp Nest Removal!

Pest Problems: HELP! How can we remove a Giant Wasp Nest from within the Roof!

Solution: Wait until winter and/or until all the wasps are dead!

Wasps are best left alone! If you disturb a wasp nest you may end up getting attacked by a swarm of wasps and considering a nest can contain many thousands of wasps, each capable of stinging many times each, these risks have to be considered!

If the nest is somewhere where you can live with it, then leave it where it is. Wasps in general will not return to the same nest the next year.

If you are thinking about exterminating wasps or removing a wasp nest, then there are many wasp killer sprays, and wasp nest killer sprays and foams on the market.

For any serious problems where live wasps are concerned protective gear is a must, and if in any doubt professional pest removal agents should be called in to eradicate the problem.

If you must remove a wasp nest then, if possible do it in the coldest part of winter when all the wasps are dead.

If you can not wait until winter, then either remove a nest as early as possible in the morning, or as late as possible in the evening when the wasps will be less active. It's also best avoid using lights or torches too, as the wasps will just consider these as sources of daylight and will head straight for them.

Anyway because we could wait until winter before removing this large wasp nest, we did just that!

Wasp Nest Removal!
Look what we Found in the roof! A very large Wasp Nest!


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