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HELP! I have lost the Volume Control Icon on my Toolbar in Windows XP!

HELP! I have lost the Volume Control Icon on my Toolbar in Windows XP!
If you lose the Volume Control Icon, it can be a little hard to find it again!

Computer Problems: HELP! I have lost the Volume Control Icon on my Toolbar in Windows XP!

Solution: How to Restore the missing Volume Control Icon!

In the past whenever I had wiped my computer computer to do a fresh install, the original factory recall settings were still on the hard drive.

This time I decided to completely wipe the entire memory & do a fresh install from the Windows XP disk, (but only after making 100% sure that I had all the neccessary software & drivers for the reinstallation first!).

...Well some time later...Everything worked...except...The Volume Control!

My problem was that I had lost the Volume Control Icon on the Taskbar, unfortunately all my attempts to rectify the problem proved fruitless, but fortunately I did have Volume control buttons on my Keyboard that I could use in the meantime.

Still, I wanted to replace ‘The Volume Icon in the Task Bar’ but the computer would not allow me to do this

It seemed I had a Windows System file ‘sndvol32.exe’ missing! & What's more ...this file did not seem to be on the Windows XP disc!

Finally after many tries, and searches, the solution came to light and here is how it’s done;

First I needed to download the ‘sndvol32.exe’ file I needed.

You can download the file from here; downloads/volume-control-icon-for-windows-xp.zip.

Save the Download.
Then if in a Zipped (.zip) file (as above), right click, and then choose to Extract the ‘sndvol32.exe’ file.

You will need to move the File into your 'System32' Folder.
(This folder will usually be located at My Computer\C:\Windows\System32).

Then click on ‘Start’, then ‘Settings’, then ‘Control Panel’.

In the Control Panel, Open the ‘Sounds and Audio Devices’.

With the ‘Volume’ Tab selected, put a ‘Tick’ in the box next to ‘Place Volume Icon in the Task Bar’.

Then Click ‘Apply’

There wasn't that easy? :)


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