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HELP! I Can See Some Websites but Not Others!

HELP! I Can See Some Websites but Not Others!
If you are not able to view some websites, but can still view most others, then you may need to alter your DNS server settings!

Computer Problems: HELP! I Can See Some Websites but Not Others!

Solution: Changing DNS Servers!

This was I problem that I first encountered when I could not see this or any other of my websites on the internet!

Whenever I tried to view any of my websites I was getting the usual 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage' connection problem screen.

The thing was I could view just about all the other websites I tried to visit, so I originally thought the problem was with the web hosting company that I was using.

The sites did seem to come back on every now and again and so I just thought that perhaps the servers were being updated. After a few days of my websites seeming to be more off-line than on, but then they seemed to go off-line completely I contacted the hosting company, but they checked and said 'no, everything was find at their end', but they attached a link explaining that some TalkTalk customers were experiencing a glitch in TalkTalk's system!

I had contacted a couple of other internet users prior to me contacting my web hosts, neither of which could view my sites, but as these were also TalkTalk customers, now that I had this information, I tried contacting a non-TalkTalk user. Funnily enough the non-TalkTalk user could in fact view any/all of my websites confirming that this was in fact a problem with my Internet Service Provider.

A little more research into the TalkTalk glitch seemed to suggest it was in fact a nationwide problem knocking out many websites for all of its users, and it also seemed that although TalkTalk were working to resolve the problem, they did not know what exactly was causing it, or when exactly they would have the problem fixed. It also seemed (and I don't know if this is true) that TalkTalk had just canned all it's IT staff in the North East just a few weeks earlier, sending the jobs abroad. So it seemed a solution was a long way off the cards!

I needed to be able to view & connect to my sites, and according to some forums discussing similar problems, it seemed it might be possible to do this if I changed the Domain Name System (DNS) Servers.

By changing the domain name servers away from the TalkTalk ones I would be bypassing the TalkTalk problem. It also seemed that changing the DNS settings to either 'Open DNS' or 'Google' DNS setting would also speed up my internet experience. The only problem was although this would hopefully solve all my problems it meant that all other TalkTalk users would still be unable to view my sites until the nationwide problem was resolved.

To alter the DNS settings this is done within your router settings, these can usually be reached by typing in to your browser, and then by entering your user name and password. If you have never set a user name or password then the default is usually;

user-name: admin
Password: admin

You then need to find the DNS Settings within your router settings (please see the screen shots below). These will usually just be set to in both Primary DNS and Secondary DNS. The default primary + secondary addresses can be replaced with specific DNS Servers such as OpenDNS or Google, so that your internet connection goes straight to Open DNS or Google rather than through your internet providers servers first. (If you have it, you may also have to go to the 'change dns setting' from 'get dynamically' to 'use these servers' in addition to entering your new DNS addresses).

OpenDNS settings;

Google DNS settings;

You can use either of the above or any others you so choose. The secondary only gets used when the primary is unavailable and so you can always choose to use one from each instead, just in case the unlikely event develops where one of these has a problem and then your computer will automatically try and visit the second setting.

I just chose to try the Google DNS settings first to see how I would get on.

This was followed by entering the following at a command prompt; (to get to command promt; click START, then click RUN, then type 'CMD' and press enter) ipconfig /renew ipconfig /flushdns (this will make your computer get the new DNS server and clear the DNS cache so your new DNS servers are used from then onwards).

This resolved all my problems (by bypassing them!). I could then see all my sites online and can use my FTP program and email viewers as normal.

The internet has worked far better with pages loading quicker since I have altered the settings and although (now some time later) TalkTalk do finally seem to of resolved the problem with their servers and all the other TalkTalk users can now once again see my sites, I see no reason to alter my settings back, because I am enjuoying my internet connection far better now than ever before.

HELP! I Can See Some Websites but Not Others!
Enter in your address bar.

HELP! I Can See Some Websites but Not Others!
Enter your user name & password. (The default setting is 'admin' for both!)

HELP! I Can See Some Websites but Not Others!
Look in the 'Basic' settings section.

HELP! I Can See Some Websites but Not Others!
Look for the 'DHCP' settings.

HELP! I Can See Some Websites but Not Others!
Look for the 'Primary' & 'Secondary DNS Server' settings. These will usually be set to ''

HELP! I Can See Some Websites but Not Others!
After you change the DNS Server settings, don't forget to enter 'ipconfig /renew ipconfig /flushdns' at the command promt as described above.


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