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VW Polo Mk5 Reset Service Interval Mileage.

Reset Service Interval Mileage
Car: 2012 VW Polo Mk5 1.2 6R

Colour: Red

This is how to reset the service mileage counter on a VW Polo 6R. It resets the service mileage counter back to the start of the 9400 mile / 12 month service interval. Great to know if you service your own cars.

After we purchased this VW Polo mk2, we decided to check the spark plugs and air filter as the car seemed to be running slightly rough, maybe it was just how these 3 cylinder cars run, but we decided to give them a look anyway!

We were certainly glad we did! The car was supposed to have been serviced just 300 miles earlier, the previous owner took much pride in telling us the spark plugs had been replaced.

...yeah right! maybe they were replace, but probably 20,000 miles ago, as the spark plugs that came out seemed to have an awful lot of miles on them! checking the service history, seemed to indicate that a local garage had supposedly serviced the car 300 miles ago and before this VW had serviced it around 20,000 ago, two years earlier, which seemed to make a lot more sense!

The air filter was also filthy dirty and was an indication that it had also been ignored on the last service too. Changing the plugs and filter made the car much much better on tickover.

We decided to replace the oil and oil filter too, because even though the oil seemed clean enough on the dipstick, judging off the other service items missed above, the oil that had been used could have been cheap inferior oil or even the wrong grade of oil!

The only thing that looked like it had been changed was the alternator belt. The trouble was whoever had replaced the belt was probably the person that had broke the belt tensioner at the same time as these are fragile and known to become damaged during belt changes!

Although the 1st owner had had the car serviced by the Main VW dealer, it seems the 2nd owners only thought about servicing the car when it came to selling it, and even then it looks like they were taken for a ride.

Thankfully we were able to replace the service items and tensioner before any more serious damage took place. Whilst we were at it we also replaced the well worn tyres and worn front brake discs just for good measure along with a few other small bits and pieces where required.

So even though the car had supposedly been recently serviced, our upto date service would be the starting point for any future services, hence it was time to reset the service interval mileage (/spanner light) indictor on the dashboard as the video above shows.

We were not just reseting the service mileage on this car for the fun of it, we did it after we had just serviced the polo. Be careful when buying a car that the mileage is backed up by service history paperwork and/or receipts, although as this car goes to show, you should still never trust anyone!

VW Polo Mk5 How to Reset the Service Interval Mileage Counter.
VW Polo Mk5 How to Reset the Service Interval Mileage Counter.


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