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VW Polo Mk5 How to Increase Foot Pedal Space.

Big Feet, Small Car! How to Increase Foot Pedal Space
Car: 2012 VW Polo Mk5 1.2 6R

Colour: Red

From the moment we first tried to drive this Polo it was obvious - like it always is with small cars - that the space around the foot pedals was too small for most men (and big footed women in large boots) to comfortably drive.

The video above shows how we increased the space available to the left of the clutch pedal to help alleviate the problem we were having of catching the side of the clutch pedal on a regular basis.

Much Better.

...and although not shown in the video, for even further improvement we also pinned back the center console trim being careful to avoid any wiring hidden behind. This gave us a significant space gain over what was originally provided.

VW Polo Mk5 How to Increase Foot Pedal Space!
VW Polo Mk5 How to Increase Foot Pedal Space!


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