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VW Golf Mk2 Rear Number Plate Lights.

VW Golf Mk2 Rear Number Plate Lights.

Car: 1991 VW Golf Mk2 1.8 Driver

Colour: Black

Rear number plates are required to be illuminated, when a bulb stops working though, that is usually only the start of the problems!

Getting the old number plate light bulbs out on any car can often prove to be difficult, as usually the screws holding the lens in place are rotten.

When you do get the bulbs out, even then you may find out that they did not even need replacing in the first place! -as with this car the none working bulb was actually down to faulty wiring, caused by a broken wire in the hank of wires where they enter into the rear hatch (a common weak point).

Getting to the bulb holders did allow for a multimeter to be connected to help locate the fault, and also the bulb lenses got a good scrubbing, so when the lights were eventually working, they were also much, much brighter too.

Plus replacing those corroded screws with some new ones, will mean, the bulbs are now easier to replace (with much fewer tools!) if one of them does blow in the near future.


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