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VW Golf Mk2 Install LED Dash Lights.

How to Install LED Lights in the Instrument Panel.

Car: 1991 VW Golf Mk2 1.8 Driver

Colour: Black

With the bulbs in the instrument cluster/ fascia panel having stopped working, it was time to replace them.

We were hoping to fit LEDs this time rather than bulbs though, as LEDs would not only look better, but then would use less power, stay brighter for longer, and also last much longer.

We did not really want to re-wire the instrument panel in order to fit LEDs. This time we were looking for a solution that could be carried out by anyone without too much difficulty.

A direct replacement would be the best option, if we could find any!

VW Golf Mk2 Install LED Dash Lights.
Original fitment bulbs, become duller over time as they become more blackened inside. Plus, as in the case of the bulbs in this Golf the filament inside the bulb breaks, and so the bulbs stop working completely.
Needing new bulbs, and knowing they are usually hard to source from the local car shop, and knowing they usually cost around 3 each, we decided it would be as cheap to fit LED's.
Matching the correct bulb holders would make things easier. After some comparisons, we discovered the the bulb/holders were known as B8.3d.
Armed with this information we were immediately able to order some B8.3d LED's, At around 8.50 for 5 off ebay (Feb 2014) they were also cheaper than buying bulbs. :)-
Even though we had managed to obtain the correct fitment, a tiny bit of trimming was still required. The trimmed LEDs still did not have 100% contact with the circuit board though! ..and so we took apart the LED's from their holders, and exchanged them for the original holders for the best result.
Please watch the video for more info!

VW Golf Mk2 Install LED Dash Lights.
The LED illumination had the dash lighting up like new again.

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