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VW Golf Mk2 Install 12volt LED Lights in Dash Panel Switches.

How to Install 12volt LED Lights in the Dash Panel Switches.

Car: 1991 VW Golf Mk2 1.8 Driver

Colour: Black

Having replaced the bulbs in the instrument cluster for LEDs, we decided to replace the now dull bulbs in the switches with some LEDs too.

On this occasion we decided to use the spares we had acquired when purchasing the LEDs for the instrument cluster, rather than buying some 3mm normal LEDs.

The LEDs we have used might be a touch too bright, if we decide they are, then we might replace them again in near future. Maybe they just seem a little too bright as we are much more used to squinting in the dark and feeling for switches!

VW Golf Mk2 Install LED Lights in Dash Panel Switches.
The switches illuminated by LED's.

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