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VW Golf Mk2 Smoked Rear Lights

1991 VW Golf Mk2 with Smoked Rear Lights
VW Golf Mk2 Smoked Hella Rear Light Clusters!

Car: 1991 VW Golf Mk2 1.8 Driver

Colour: Black

In the quest to make this VW Golf Mk2 Driver look more and more like a Golf GTi, it was obvious we were once again, going to attack the rear light clusters with the smoke tint spray!

Tinting the set of original Hella lights is a very cheap way of getting the look of the smoke tinted Hella lights, but for a fraction of the costs. Even if you can manage to source some second hand smoke tinted Hella lights they are usually expensive because the demand for them is so high. In fact take a look at most of those listed on ebay, and you will usually find they are not the factory tinted ones, most of them are just ones that have been sprayed up like them, which is what we were going to do ourselves with the set on this car.

Although we had already removed and sprayed the lights on this car once, we had not smoked them dark enough! We had done the lower half of the rear light clusters dark enough but felt the top half needed spraying darker. The mistake with tail light tinting spray is to use too much. It is easy to spray more, but once you add too much, it just looks like paint, and removing it with special cleaners, before starting again from the beginning is something that's always best avoided!

We are very happy with the look we finally managed to achieve.

If you are going to tint lights yourselves, you must buy the correct stuff. Tail light tinting spray, is specially developed as a transparent paint, so that light still passes through after painting. Normal aerosol paints do not do this! When using the tail light tinting spray you must not spray it so thick that light no longer passes through it easily, & the reflectors should still be able to reflect light back from them to keep everything legal!

1991 VW Golf Mk2 with Original Rear Lights
1991 VW Golf Mk2 with Original (Hella) Rear Lights.

1991 VW Golf Mk2 with Smoked Rear Lights
The light clusters have been removed for painting.

1991 VW Golf Mk2 with Smoked Rear Lights
Although we had tinted the rear lights with smoke lens tinting spray, after they were refitted to the car, we felt that the top halfs of the light clusters were not quite dark enough! The orange lenses of the indicators could still easily be seen. We had even masked the lights for different stages so that more paint was applied to the indicator parts, but still they were not quite dark enough!

It's easier to add more paint though than it is to take some away, and so we left them this way for a while in case they needed time to cure before using masking tape on them again, so as not to peel any paint off!

1991 VW Golf Mk2 with Smoked Rear Lights
The next chance we had to remove the rear lights, we masked them up again for more painting. This time just the top half would be painted as we felt that the bottom half was at the correct level.

1991 VW Golf Mk2 with Smoked Rear Lights
Sometimes it helps to look at the whole lens and so we removed the masking tape from the Drivers side one! We were delighted with the results this time!

1991 VW Golf Mk2 with Smoked Rear Lights
Here they are, both the drivers and passenger side rear light clusters ready to refit!

1991 VW Golf Mk2 with Smoked Rear Lights
They look much better now. We think that you will agree.


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