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VW Golf Mk2 Alarm & Immobiliser

1991 VW Golf Mk2 Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm & Immobiliser
1991 VW Golf Mk2 Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm & Immobiliser

Car: 1991 VW Golf Mk2 1.8 Driver

Colour: Black

Anyone who knows Mk2 golfs and Jettas will probably know they are a very easy car to steal!!! You just have to look at the number with damage around the door handles to confirm this!

The first time we got a Mk2 golf the seller explained that to silence any alarm the car had, a thief would just insert a rule under the front bonnet edge and slide it to where an alarm pin was and hold this down, then he said the thief would remove the VW badge from the front grill, so that they could pop the bonnet and remove/disarm the alarm! The thief could then simply insert a screwdriver under any of the door handles to pop a door handle off, and then insert a finger to unlock the door lock and press the door release to open the door! The thief would then be able to search the car for treasures or steal the car in relative peace!

If the car has no alarm system, then the thief can simply go straight for the door handles, meaning that even an inexperienced thief can get into a Mk2 golf in less than the couple of seconds it takes! Very easy!!! & if just after robbing something from inside the car, it's much quieter than smashing a window.

So with a VW Golf the more security you have, the better, and often it is the visible deterrents or security devices that are more likely to deter all but the most determined thief.

As well as an obvious steering wheel lock, one of the first things to consider fitting is a set of security plates around the door locks. These are a cheap and very effective security product. The plates only cost a few pound for a set and are also easy to fit, they usually come with new bolts for the door handles too, the bolts have allen key rather than screw head fittings making it much harder for the opportunistic thief (who might carry a screwdriver, but will rarely be carrying allen keys!).

When we have fitted alarms on Golfs in the normal place of under a cars bonnet, somewhere within the engine bay area, then we have been careful when it comes to locating a bonnet switch, usually using a waterproof one from a Rover 800 and locating it very far back towards the windscreen, avoiding the front of the car altogether. Even then we have gone for alarms with some form of battery back up, so if the bonnet switch or cars battery, had been compromised, then the attempted removal or disarming of the alarm would still cause it to go off. We have also been known to fit alarms in the windscreen wiper channel/area, as this is much harder for any opportunistic thief to access, and it also makes the alarm sound much louder!

On this Golf we decided to fit a Thatcham Category 1 alarm & immobiliser. We chose the Cobra alarm system more on price than anything else because we were able to buy it for much less than other branded systems that the insurance companies would recognise, but rather than fit it externally, we wanted to fit it internally.

We looked in the usual internal places such as under/behind the glove box, and under the steering column, but decided instead that with it's compact size the Cobra alarm & immobiliser should just fit under the center console and although this would quieten the alarm siren down with it being not only inside the vehicle, but behind a console, the alarm had a wire on it that would allow us to connect an addition siren under the bonnet! An addition siren would also fool any potential thieves into thinking this was where the alarm itself is, if ever they heard the alarm being set or triggered off (or if they try testing for an alarm as they pass, by kicking a tyre to see if a car is alarmed before returning at a later time to carry out their bad deeds).

Alarms are generally not too hard to fit by anyone competent with a bit of vehicle wiring, but if in doubt then you should have if fitted by an alarm specialist or an auto electrician. Also generally Thatcham approved alarms need to be fitted by a certified Thatcham approved fitters (or inspected by one?) for them to be approved for insurance purposes.

Alarms usually have all the wires colour coded and labelled for easier fitting. Immobilisers on the other hand - have all black wires coming from them, this makes it much harder once fitted, for a thief to cut & join wires correctly to bypass the immobilisation. The immobiliser will usually cut two parts of the cars electrical system, such as the cars' starter, and coil, but we like to wire the immobiliser up in vehicles so that they will shut down the engine management systems as well (where fitted).

Depending on the alarm unit you fit, you can often also use alarm/remotes to control limitless amounts of other gadgets or features, with such things as autostart, or, closing windows & sunroofs, or, opening the boot, etc.

Although all the standard features on the Cobra alarm system we fitted were tested all but one of them worked!

The wire that is supposed to be connected to an external siren has no signal output from it, and so we have had to abandon the idea of fitting a second siren. Although this does not detract from how secure the vehicle is with this alarm & immobiliser fitted it is a shame that we could not use this feature. & means the alarm is that bit quieter too, but that may also work to put off a theif, when they realise they can not dissable a unit (if it has any back-up power source) prior to entring the vehicle!

Still it was a shame not to fit the second siren. Next time we might no go for the cheapest!!!

1991 VW Golf Mk2 Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm & Immobiliser
Hmmm, now where can we put this alarm?

1991 VW Golf Mk2 Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm & Immobiliser
This turned out to be a great place to locate it!
Here the alarm & immobiliser units would never get in the way of anything else, and the centre console would fit back in place over them.

1991 VW Golf Mk2 Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm & Immobiliser
The wires were all connected and tidied up so neatly that they just became part of the cars wiring loom making it even more difficult for even the most determined and professional thief to work out what's gone where! We are proud of this one!

1991 VW Golf Mk2 Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm & Immobiliser
With the alarm & immobiliser fitted, visibly there is no difference to the cars interior. (apart from the usual flashing LED!).

Ha Ha, we were even able to use the same picture!


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