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VW Golf Mk2 fitting 6"x9" Speakers!

1991 VW Golf Mk2 fitting 6x9 Speakers!
Used 6x9 Speakers!
Not the best! but, at least they would be an improvement on the blown original speakers!

Car: 1991 VW Golf Mk2 1.8 Driver

Colour: Black

It was obvious as soon as you turned the radio on in this car that one of the rear speakers had been blown by a previous owner playing their radio/music too loud!

With previous mk2 Golfs, we have always cut holes in the rear parcel shelf and just fitted 6"x9" speakers straight in!
We would fit the speakers with connectors, so that the parcel shelf could still be removed when required.

On this car though, we needed to replace a blown original speaker. We did not have a replacement speaker handy, neither did we want to buy any! We did have an old set of 6x9 speakers though, that although not perfect we could fix up and then they would make a vast improvement on what was in the rear of this car!

We also had a roll of good quality shark speaker wire, and so we rewired from the head unit to the front & rear speaker locations, using detachable connectors at the speaker ends.

The parcel shelf was in a great condition and it seemed such a great shame to spoil it, and so we looked at fitting the 6x9's where the original rear VW speakers were located! This was not going to be easy as the 6x9's are much larger than the originals!
Also if we could fit them here, the 6x9's should sound better in the fixed panel of the vehicle rather than in the much more flexible location of the rear parcel shelf, so we decided it was definitely the place we wanted to install them!

A bit of cutting was necessary to get the speakers to fit, and then they were glued and tied up using silicon & cable ties. The silicone was used to eliminate any chance of rattle between the speaker and the panel it was being attached to.

Even though the panels are fixed at either side of the rear of the car, detachable connectors were used, so that the panels can still be removed if they ever they need to be, without the need to chop the wires.

The radio sounds, much better now, and looking into the car from the rear window, the car just looks how it normally would, with no speakers on show to the opportunist car thief!

Fitting speakers into a detachable rear parcel shelf is something that just makes it easier for the average thief to carry the speakers away! Having the speakers fixed into the car, is much more off putting, even when they know they are there!

1991 VW Golf Mk2 fitting 6x9 Speakers!
One of the original rear VW speakers attached to the side panel.

1991 VW Golf Mk2 fitting 6x9 Speakers!
hmmm, a change in speaker size to 6x9's is not just a straight swap!

1991 VW Golf Mk2 fitting 6x9 Speakers!
After lots of cutting the speaker will now fit!
The silicone will secure the speaker in place whilst also preventing any future rattling!

1991 VW Golf Mk2 fitting 6x9 Speakers!
Silicone was also applied around the edges of the speakers themselves.
The speaker cones on 1 of these old 6x9 speakers had become slightly damaged and was now begining to deteriorate a little. Some silicone was used to prevent it breaking up any further.

1991 VW Golf Mk2 fitting 6x9 Speakers!
The speakers were stuck in place on the side panels.
The cable ties were then used to make the speakers extra secure.

1991 VW Golf Mk2 fitting 6x9 Speakers!
The thin standard speaker wiring in the car, was replaced with some much higher quality Shark wire.

1991 VW Golf Mk2 fitting 6x9 Speakers!
The cable ties have now been fitted and much more silicone has been put around the speakers.
Each speaker then had a short piece of Shark wire soldered onto them with detachable connectors on the other end of the wire.

1991 VW Golf Mk2 fitting 6x9 Speakers!
With the side panels back in the car, the speakers stick out the edge a little bit, but this is covered up by the parcel shelf so did no matter.
The sound in the car is now much more alive!

Turn it up!


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