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Rover 800 820 825 827 Rear Door Handle.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Rear Door Handle.
Rover 800 820 825 827 Rear Door Handle.

Car: 1999 Rover 800 820 Auto Fastback

Colour: Charcoal Grey / Black

Although the plastic door handles on all our Rovers have worked very well over the years, eventually we have always been expecting general wear and tear to take it's toll and see one or two of them fail.

In recent time both the front passenger side and front drivers' side door handles seem to have lost their springiness, but being too short of time to do anything about them, they have just been left as is, for the time being!

The rear passenger door handle was an altogether different case though, once the handle was opened, it would stay in the upright open position (even when you let go of it). Although with a bit of gentle negotiation the handle would return back to it's rightful closed position. The door itself would open less and less. This was now becoming a definite nuisance!

Not sure whether this handle would indeed be fixable, we set about investigating, but first we had the rather complex puzzle of removing the door trim!

Once the door trim and waterproof seal had been removed from the door, it became immediately obvious that the loose plastic pin/peg inside the door would be the cause of the problem!

Looking into the door, we could easily see 1 plastic peg in the door handle, the trouble was the loose plastic peg was from the far side of the handle, the side we could not see, and so we would have to remove the door handle from the door, to fix it.

All we had to so was to remove the two bolts holding the door handle in place, but we soon realised this would not be an easy task even though there is an access hole to get a socket onto the bolt head.

Once the door handle was removed, it was just a simple question of popping the hinge pin back in to its location on the door handle. The way the peg firmly clicked into position seemed to suggest that it had never been fully engaged in the first place, so no wonder after 13 years it had come free.

Before refitting the door parts and trim, out came the can of WD-40 and the handle, locks and window mechanisms were all treated to a squirt.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Rear Door Handle.
Open the door! Whoops that wasn't supposed to happen!

Rover 800 820 825 827 Rear Door Handle.
After removing many many front door trims on Rover 800's over the years, the rear door proves to be just as much of a puzzle! - initially.

The two grey pegs were going to be the first obvious place to look. 2 black screws were hidden deep beneath as suspected.

Levering out the inner trim from around the Door Pull Handle, gave access to the 2 screws to remove the rest of the Door Handle Trim.
Behind this is the top screw for the Large Door Grip Handle.

The Door Courtesy Light was going to be the next place to look.
Behind this was the bottom screw for the Door Grip Handle.

The remainder of the lower edge of the door trim and the two sides of the door trim are held by 4 plastic clips.
Pulling the trim away from the door, released them. (they just push back on when it comes to refitting.)

Rover 800 820 825 827 Rear Door Handle.
Underneath the door trim, reveals a few more things to remove.
There are 3 screws on the bracket for the large Door Grip Handle, a couple of black flat round plastic pegs, and the waterproof door seal. (You may well need some masking or insulation tape when it comes to refitting the plastic sheet because the putty will usually be too dried out to be of much use!)

Rover 800 820 825 827 Rear Door Handle.
Look what was loose inside the door cavity.
You can see a matching plastic peg fitted on the rear of the door handle.

1 bolt to remove the door handle can be seen, the other bolt is accessed (eer, but not very easily!) through the hole in the left of the photo!

Rover 800 820 825 827 Rear Door Handle.
Now all that remained to do was push the peg back into place.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Rear Door Handle.
When refitted and with everything all oiled up, the handle works like new again.


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