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Rover 800 Electric Windows Auto 'Back-Off' Mode.

Disconnect & Reconnect the Battery to Re-Program the Windows to Correct the Rover 800 Electric Windows Automatic 'Back-Off' Mode.

Car: 1999 Rover 800 825 V6 Coupe

Colour: Zircon Silver

This video above shows how to reprogram your windows after disconnecting and reconnecting the battery to correct the Rover 800 windows from wrongly using the automatic 'back-off' mode during normal usage.

Automatic 'Back-Off' is a safety feature of the Rover 800 window system that is activated when an obstruction prevents a window from closing, this will automatically cause the window to 'back-off' 3 inches and then stop.

This is great you might think, until the window seems to develop a twitch, by doing this on its own and dropping one or more windows by 3 inches when you are just trying to close them normally and when there is no obvious obstruction! This is often just caused by the windows being slightly out with where they really think they are.

This usually happens most on the coupes, especially as the weather warms up, and they will do this when using either the window switch on the doors or the lazy locking button on the remote control (press & hold lock button). It is caused by the slight expansion of the glass in warmer weather. When it happens normally depends on when your battery was last connected and your windows were programmed.

The colder the weather when the windows were programmed the more often and sooner into the year they will then do this. If you program the windows in Winter, during the really cold weather, then they might go wrong in Spring. & If you do them in Spring they may go wrong in Summer!

They usually just need re-calibrating. The way to do this, when this is happening is to wipe the window memory first (as you can not program them to stop at a lower point than they are already set to stop at (and they are now trying to travel to far)), to do this you need to disconnected and reconnected the car battery (make sure you know your radio code first, in case you have to re enter it).

This coupe normally does this 'back-off' feature in summer and we normally leave it doing this as it is always more impressive than just remote shutting the windows, to see them shut then open a little. As the weather gets warmer, 1 of the windows will do this, but in the hotter weather, both windows will back-off. We like it as it prevents the leather seats from roasting after the car is parked on any seriously hot sunny days.

Re-setting the windows (like in the video above) in Autumn or Spring, will often mean you should get to enjoy the feature in this way in the summer, but if you set your windows in summer you may never notice it. We have found we have been able to do this on all every one of the 800 coupes we have tried it on.

Alternatively, you can just override this 'Automatic back-off' feature. (although we have never tried this way as we always like it)

To do this press both front window 'up' buttons on the drivers door. After a short time, you should hear a warning 'bleep'. When you hear this the system is now in 'back-off' override mode.

Release the switches immediately and before the beeping stops sounding press the 'up' button on the window you want to close and keep it pressed until closed.

(We are not sure how often this method works, you may need to do this every time, and disconnecting the battery and reprogramming the windows as above may be the only permanent solution.)

Don't forget it's vital to lubricate the windows mechanisms and cables on your car too, to keep them in top order for years to come!


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