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Jeep TJ Wrangler LED Rear Lights.

Jeep TJ Wrangler LED Rear Lights.

Car: 1997 Jeep TJ Wrangler 4.0 Sport Soft Top

Colour: Lapis Blue

As time has passed, so have the advancements in lighting technology to the point that most car bulbs already have an LED alternative.

As production of LEDs has increased over the years, the costs has come down too. Not only are LEDs now much more affordable, but they usually last far longer than normal bulbs, they also consume less power, and they light up quicker, which especially in the case of brake lights, can significantly improve safety.

Over the years we have replaced many of the standard bulbs in the Jeep Wrangler with LED bulbs apart from the main headlight bulbs.

In more recent times LED light fittings have also become available and you can now buy light units with the LEDs built in. Due to the long life of LEDs these are usually sealed units, as the LEDs should last as long as the vehicle.

Not only do the sealed units require no maintenance once fitted, but they will also usually give out much better light than their Original Equipment counterpart, so there really is only positive reasons to change them, once you have paid for them of course, but let's not forget you can also sell your old lights to recover some of the costs too!

Now that LED rear light cluster are available we decided to get some for the rear of the Jeep. We opted for truck style rear lights we liked, but had to modify the lens colour and Jeep wiring to suit UK regulations (please see the video above for more info).

Jeep TJ Wrangler LED Rear Lights.

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