Welcome to my Rover Car Site. With photos of many Rovers including my Rover 200 & 800 Coupes + VW Golf Mk2 & Jeep TJ Wrangler pics!

Welcome to Pixels1.com
This site contains lots of photos that I have taken. Most of them are car related ones including, Rover 800's, VW Golf Mk2's, Jeep Wranglers, plus some Ferrari and Supercar Pics too! Anyway have a good look around my site and enjoy your visit.

Thanks, David.

Rover 800 / 400 / 200 / Coupe
1999 Rover 800 825 KV6 Sterling Coupe. Colour: Zircon Silver
Rover 800 Sterling Coupe.
1999 Rover 800 820 Auto Fastback. Colour: Charcoal Grey
Rover 800 820 Auto.
1998 Rover 800 820 Vitesse Coupe. Colour: Midnight Blue
Rover 800 Vitesse Coupe.
1995 Rover 400 Turbo. Colour: Ocean Blue
Rover 400 Turbo.
1996 Rover 200 220 Turbo Coupe. Colour Tahiti Blue
Rover 220 Turbo Coupe.

Volkswagen Golf MK2
1991 VW Golf 1.8. Colour: Black
VW Golf Mk2 1.8
1991 VW Golf. Colour: Marine Blue
VW Golf Mk2 1.3

Volkswagen Polo 6R
2012 VW Polo Mk5 1.2. Colour: Red
VW Polo Mk5 1.2

Jeep Wrangler
1997 Jeep TJ Wrangler 4.0L Sport. Colour: Lapis Blue
Jeep TJ Wrangler 4.0L

Renault Scenic
2005 Renault Grand Scenic 1.9
Renault Grand Scenic 1.9

Ferrari & Supercar Photo's include;
Ferrari f40
Ferrari F40
Ferrari F50
Ferrari F50
Ferrari Enzo
Ferrari Enzo

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Welcome to Pixels1.com!

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